sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

Light Behind Bars

Prem Rawat

I was sitting one day on a balcony, having my lunch. And this hawk came by and flew pretty close. And he was slick. Graceful! And he came in, and he did a turn—I mean, a sharp, ninety-degree turn—and it was something to behold. 
These birds, they fly thousands of miles without polluting anything. Nature did that—no exhaust, no depleting of fuel, no noise. Silent, beautiful, spectacular, compatible, sustainable. 
So, what is life to you? Do you understand its nuances; do you understand its beauty? Do you understand its possibilities; do you understand its potential? We have the possibility to be in clarity. We have the possibility to be in peace. We have the possibility to enjoy ourselves on this earth, for as long as we are alive.
Because that’s what it means to be alive, to have aspiration. To recognize what it means to be alive. That, at the same time that I understand the vulnerability of my existence, I also understand the strength of my existence. 
So why am I telling you all this? I’m not here to put fear of death in you. That’s not what the story, my friends, is about! If the story was about death, then what’s the point of talking for over an hour about life? 
The only thing that remains is the celebration of being alive. And in that celebration of existence, of that joy, of that beauty, that love, the love for being alive becomes everything. 

sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

Prem Rawat

It takes courage to have hope. Many people in their lives, they see things not going their way; they start losing hope—and the next thing you know, calamity.
But it takes courage to have hope; it takes courage to have clarity. And when there is that courage, (ha!) this is what’s beautiful. 
If you get angry, you know what you will be rewarded by? Anger. Just think about it, right? You get angry, you’ll be rewarded by anger. What is the reward of anger? Either you will get more angry…. Maybe you begin by being angry with your friend, and the next thing you know, you’re also angry with yourself, for being angry at your friend.
Anger rewards anger. Anger begets anger. Fear rewards fear—you get afraid of being afraid. And that’s when it really sets in. It’s more than the boogeyman in the closet. Now you’re afraid to be in the room; you’re afraid to be alive. “Oh my God….”
But what is the reward of hope? It brings you more hope. What is the reward of joy? It brings you more joy. What is the reward of happiness? It brings you more happiness. What is the reward of knowledge? It brings you more knowledge. 
What is the reward of being content? It brings you more contentment. What is the reward of knowing? It brings you more knowing. This is how it is.

lunes, 17 de abril de 2017

An Audience with Prem Rawat – Journeys to the Self


Saturday 20 May 2017 
Cape Town, South Africa 

PREM RAWAT : Themed Event in Cape Town, South Africa
Save the date: Saturday the 20th of May 2017
All are welcome to attend this public event in South Africa.
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Prem Rawat "The Power That We Have"

viernes, 14 de abril de 2017

Prem Rawat

What is an obstacle? We think somebody else puts an obstacle there. But understand that it is… Everything that you do—everything that you do, everything!—is going to have positive and negative consequences. Everything.
You buy a car? You don’t think so, because you’re excited, getting a new car. And you see a need: “I need a car; I’m getting a new car. So exciting.” You don’t see the negative consequences of that car—you don’t! 
You get married? Everything you do. Everything you do. 
So, human beings dream, and they have their plan, and their plan is, “Yeah, we’re going to get married, and we’re going to grow old together,” and ta, da-da, da-da, da-da. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that.
Every one of these consequences is pre-charged in your actions. They may happen; they may not happen. But the fact that they can happen, you have just triggered it by doing what you are doing. I mean, everything has a consequence. 
And we call these “obstacles, problems.” And you know… And so you get married; you have a child; you’re all excited about your child. And the child comes, and “Oh, it’s so cute, and….” And you have to realize what you’re in for. You think that child has brought you a lot of joy, but that child can break your heart!
You don’t think so…and you know, nobody brought it up to you, but absolutely. Every single possibility is now in that path; every obstacle…everything that can go wrong exists—and it can hit you.
And you have to have clarity. Without that clarity, you become weird. You become angry; you become frustrated; you become confused. You lose all sense.
First, before you do anything—I mean, you go anywhere, do anything, talk to anyone— “Am I clear?” And you have to have kindness. You have to have understanding. Then you function normally. And when you function normally, you feel good! You actually….
Well, what a consequence. I mean, geez! So, when you’re clear, you actually feel good. That’s what clarity does for you.

sábado, 8 de abril de 2017

Prem Rawat

There was a guy, and his job was to go every day to the mountain. And he would cut a piece of rock. He would take the rock, bring it back home, and he would make little things from that rock. He would make mortar and pestle, small statues—and he would sell them. And this is how he made his living.
So, one day he was very sad. And he was walking along the street, and he was just sad with his situation—because he saw no future and he did not like his lifestyle. So, he, heard noise coming from behind the wall; he heard some noise coming. So he stood on his tiptoes and looked.
And it was a beautiful house! And they were having a party. And there were servants. And there were guests! And there was music! And people were dancing! And he went, “Wow! The person who lives in this house, he must be really powerful. I … I want to be like him!
So he looked up and he prayed. “God, I want to be like him.” It just so happened that that day God was listening. And God said, “Okay!” And he snapped his finger. And the man had become rich!
And he said, “Now, this is more like it! I like this. I am powerful! I have servants! I have a house! I have rich friends! Ah, this is really good!” And he was enjoying it. 
One day a procession went by and he heard all the noise, so he came out of the house and he looked. And it was the king and he was going. And all the rich men were lined up bowing to the king. And he said “Wow! This king is more powerful than me! God, I want to be like the king.” Also that day God just happened to be listening. Just like that, he was the king. Big army, lots of servants, everybody paying respects to the king.
One day, he came out to his balcony in the morning and he saw the sun rising. And as the sun rose, all the birds started to wake up. All the animals started to stir. It’ s like, “Wow! This sun is more powerful than me!”
So he looks up, prays, “I want to be like the sun.” Just like that—he’s the sun.
And one day he’s shining really bright; it’s really hot—and he sees there’ s something between him and the earth and he looked, and it was a cloud. And the wind was blowing and moving the cloud. “Wow! The wind is more powerful than me! I want to be the wind.” He becomes the wind. He blows! Nothing can stop him—he goes wherever he wants! He’s blowing, blowing, blowing, blowing, and blowing!
And all of a sudden one day he’s stopped! “What’s stopping the wind?” He looks—and it is a big mountain. “Ah! I want to be the mountain. More powerful.” He becomes the mountain.
Very happy. Most powerful. Mighty! Strong! And one day he notices that somebody is cutting the mountain! And he goes, “Who can be more powerful than this mountain? Cutting the mountain?” And he looks and way down there … is a stonecutter just like him, cutting away at the mountain.
In this moment he realized that all along he has been powerful—but he did not know it. Same thing for all of us.

martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

What Distinguishes The Prem Rawat Foundation From Other Charities?

Mary Wishard, Media and Communications Manager for The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), recently responded to the question below from a large foundation considering TPRF for a grant. We also think the Q&A would be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about TPRF: 
What distinguishes your organization’s work from other organizations in the field?
While TPRF is a relatively small foundation, it enjoys worldwide support from people in 50 countries because of the nature of the founder’s international work. Much support comes in the form of volunteering time and talent. We are also a virtual company with no physical offices. Both of these factors allow us to keep a low overhead.
All of TPRF’s work is guided by the principles of Dignity, Peace, and Prosperity. The people we work with are treated with great respect for their dignity, for their worth as a human being, rather than as people in need of help. Our programs are designed to help people with essential needs so that they have a chance to turn their own lives around in spite of the challenges they face.
In the case of the Food for People (FFP) program, we have discovered that providing one nutritious hot meal a day to children and ailing adults in their local cuisine has been enough to bring about significant changes in the whole community. The local leaders participate in decisions about what is needed to ensure that village collaboration is created. The Food for People model develops local ownership, pride, and assurance that the program will continue.
Through the Peace Education Program (PEP), people from all walks of life all over the world discover their own inner strengths and the power of choice, whether they are successful business people, young students, or prison inmates. They are empowered to find fulfillment for themselves, individually. Much like the youngsters receiving food from FFP, they find their own dignity based on understanding their innate worth as a human being.
These programs offer far more than food and education. They offer individuals a well of resources that last as long as they choose to use them.

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Edinburgh, UK – June 14th
Bournemouth, UK – June 18th
Belfast, Northern Ireland – June 21st
Brighton, UK – June 24th
Nottingham, UK – June 30th
Confirmed events are listed above, and new events are added as soon as possible.
Demand for seats can be high, so if you wish to attend, request your ticket early.

Prem Rawat is an internationally respected speaker, with a unique perspective on peace.

Lively, compelling, thought-provoking and dynamic, his public addresses are an opportunity to experience his message in person. Unscripted and unrehearsed, he speaks to the audience from the heart.
Events take place all over the world by popular demand and can vary from an open-air address to a talk in an intimate auditorium or large capacity stadium. Each one is unique. Events are usually around 1.5 – 2 hours in duration. Prem Rawat gifts his time and receives no fees for speaking at events.

viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017


Proposed Event at Ivory’s Rock (Amaroo) in September 2017

Dear Friend
A 5-day International Event at Ivory's Rock (Amaroo) near Peak Crossing in Queensland, Australia is being proposed for September this year. All those who have learned the techniques of Knowledge are welcome to attend.

Please note this event is not yet confirmed. Advance notice is provided to help you plan, but should not be used to book travel or accommodation.

Stay tuned for the next announcement!

Warm regards
The Ivory's Rock Foundation Board
Mark Taylor, Sherry Boulton & Jeffrey Johnson Abdelmalik 

jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017


Se ha propuesto un evento de 5 días para Septiembre en Amaroo. 
No obstante aun no ha sido confirmado.

viernes, 17 de marzo de 2017

Pizza Margherita

You go anywhere in the world, anywhere in the world—and so they have a pizza place. You can get pizza. So you go there and you read in the menu, “Pizza. Pizza Margherita.” So what does it say? It says “Pizza … Margherita.” 
So you order Pizza Margherita—right? The spelling of the pizza is the same. The spelling of “Margherita” is the same. Even in Italy—“Pizza Margherita.” “Pizza” is spelled the same way. “Margherita” is spelled the same way. You go to India—“pizza” is spelled the same way. “Margherita” is spelled the same way. 
You think they will taste the same? 
There. That’s the difference. Just—what you read said the same thing. So why don’t they just taste the same?
You go to Italy, pizza tastes completely different than in New York, than in Chicago, than in Los Angles, than in Hawaii, than in Japan, than in Australia. And the spelling is exactly the same: “pizza.” How can this be? 
Because that’s the difference between living and theory. Theory can say, “Yeah, it’s the same.” But living says, “No, it’s not the same.”
In your eyes, in your feeling a snowflake is a snowflake. Right? Snowflake is a snowflake. Look closer, and each snowflake is different. 
And then have you ever seen a whole field just full of white snow—maybe two feet deep, just snow, snow, snow, snow—have you? Imagine how many snowflakes there are in that field. And now imagine, each one is different. the Reality. Theory? “The field was covered with snow.”
Do you feel cold? There you are sitting in a beautiful 70-degree room; the fireplace is lit; you’re sitting next to it. You’re reading the book, and the book says, “And the field was covered with snow.” You don’t feel cold. 
But! In reality, you will feel what is there. In reality, even if you do not acknowledge it, each one of those snowflakes is different than the other. And all the snow in the world, it is not repeated in those flakes. 
Is that something to wonder, “Wow….” This is where I live. This is where I am; this is where I’m alive. 
So, you know—really—in your, in one’s life, I really think you have to pick Well how do you want to live, how do you want to be? Because, if you want to be in reality, it’s one thing. If you don’t want to be in reality, it’s another thing.
And then to always know the difference—always know the difference. I can read the menu, but I can’t eat it—that if I am hungry, I have to eat food, not the menu. That’s sanity. That’s sanity.
– Prem Rawat

miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

Wants and needs

There are needs—and then there are wants. There are needs—and then there are wants. The world today does not know the difference between “want” and “need.” What do people need? 
They need fresh air. You need fresh air. Why? Three minutes without air—pfft—you will die. There’s a Rule of Three’s. Three minutes—not fresh air, you’re in trouble. You need clean water. Why? Three days without water, you will die!
You need warmth, shelter. Three hours—hypothermia—pfft—you’re dead. Not want—need. Three weeks without good food?—and you’re dead. Not want. Need. 
Why is poverty bad? It’s because it does not give people access to what they need. That’s why poverty is bad, and the world goes, “What do people want?” What do people want?! They want everything!
And they want way too much! And if the world was focused on making sure that the need of the people was met, this would be a different world—truly. 
The difference between want and need? That’s why there is hunger in this world. Because of the want, all the food that is actually generated is wasted. It’s totally wasted. Because it’s this want! The need?—this food would never go to waste!
So, in a human being, same way, what do you need? And what do you want? You need to feel good. You need to feel content. You need—you need—to feel the equilibrium. You need to feel the serenity. You need to feel the stillness. You need … just to feel good.
– Prem Rawat

martes, 14 de marzo de 2017


La empresa editora japonesa Bunya recibe regularmente cartas de la aprecio de los lectores de "Afinando la Puntería" y El bote con el Agujero", esta semana acaban de recibir una llamada telefónica algo especial de un profesor que representaba a una escuela secundaria privada en Tokio.
Había encontrado la versión japonesa de "Afinando la Puntería" en una librería, al sentirse profundamente conmovida por su lectura y siendo profesora de inglés decidió pedir la versión en inglés y disfrutó aún más.
Ella propuso a su departamento de Inglés que el libro se incluya en su currículo como un libro ideal para estudiar Inglés como segundo idioma y para aprender sobre la vida, la empatía y la compasión.
Los otros maestros lo acordaron unánimemente y desde el verano de 2017 todos los estudiantes del segundo año recibirán una copia y estudiarán "Afinando la Puntería" de cubierta a cubierta seguida de discusiones de grupo. Finalmente redactarán un ensayo sobre el libro.
En el otoño de 2017 la escuela espera organizar un evento en vivo con Prem para que los estudiantes puedan aprender directamente de él y tener una sesión de preguntas y respuestas.
En Bunya sentimos que este es un logro histórico para el libro y esperamos sinceramente que más escuelas y universidades sigan el ejemplo para que la próxima generación pueda entender plenamente su propio papel como individuos en el establecimiento de una sociedad compasiva más pacífica.
Revista de correo Bunya, marzo de 2017

domingo, 12 de marzo de 2017


Wednesday 14 June to Friday 30 June 
Themed Events Tour, United Kingdom 

Save the dates:

  • June 14 Edinburgh
  • June 18 Bournemouth
  • June 21 Belfast
  • June 24 Brighton
  • June 30 Nottingham
All are welcome to attend these public events in the UK.
Please note that at this point these are the only events planned for Europe in 2017.
The next email from WOPG will contain more information, including date and time that ticket sales opens.
Advance notice is provided to help you plan, but should not be used to book travel or accommodations as the number of people requesting seats may exceed venue capacity.

sábado, 11 de marzo de 2017

Events Tour in the United Kingdom

June 14 Edinburgh
June 18 Bournemouth
June 21 Belfast
June 24 Brighton
June 30 Nottingham
All are welcome to attend these public events in the UK.
Please note that at this point these are the only events planned for Europe in 2017.

viernes, 10 de marzo de 2017

Prem Rawat

If you have ever seen a magician perform—and you have to pay attention to how they do what they do—it’s very interesting. 
Because whatever they do (if they’re hiding a coin or whatever), they distract you from what’s really happening, and they’ll do something else with the other hand, and you’re looking at that hand, whilst they’re doing what they’re doing. 
And it’s so smooth that—you go, “Oh my God, what just happened? How did he do that? How did he produce, you know, this dollar bill out of his shirt?” I mean, you have to think. Yeah, And people will sit there and people will applaud. 
And obviously, I mean, if he could do that for real—make hundred-dollar bills come out of his sleeve—why would he be doing this performance? He could be having a nice vacation on a Caribbean island somewhere, you know, sipping his umbrella drinks.
But he’s not doing that. He’s traveling, town to town, place to place, trying to make a meager living while fooling the audience—and this is the point of it. He’s actually fooling you, and you’re applauding being fooled.
This is the same problem I have with people when they’re watching a movie, and then they start crying! And I’m like, “But this really didn’t happen.” 
And it’s bizarre watching TV in India, because that same actor could be in four different movies. And you switch a channel and it’s like… and he’s there, and kissing another girl, and then running away with another girl—and it’s like, “What’s with this guy?” 
But, we get fooled! And we have a propensity to get attracted to something that takes us away from where we truly should be attracted to.
So, distraction is actually another attraction, but it’s taking you away from what you should be attracted to. You should be attracted to your existence. Why? Because it is the most precious thing there is. There’s nothing more precious than being alive. This is one thing that nobody is selling and nobody can buy!

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2017

Happiness - Prem Rawat (English)


Ya en 2017, Splitting the Arrow ha alcanzado un gran logro al ser incluido en la bolsa de regalo oficial de los Grammy Awards recibidos por todos los nominados.
Tanto Splitting the Arrow como The Pot with the Hole están disponibles en inglés en Amazon en la mayor parte de Europa y EE.UU.

martes, 7 de febrero de 2017

PRF Food Aid Reaches Remote School in Nepal

This article is also available in: Italian  Spanish
Hunger pangs are a thing of the past for the young children who recently started benefitting from an expansion of the Food for People (FFP) program in Nepal.
With no government support available in the small mountain village of Salampur, administrators at the Ganesh Primary School requested help feeding the area’s 22 children. Some of those kids had been trudging four hours roundtrip each day through rugged terrain to eat at the FFP kitchen in Tasarpu. School attendance hovered around 15 students, with many of them leaving class early to search for their next meal.
Parents struggle to farm the nearby fields, as rocky soil and steep slopes make it impossible to grow crops for more than a few months each year. Other work is scarce, although some find jobs as part-time laborers.
Conditions became even more desperate in the wake of the devastating 2015 earthquakes.
But parents are now breathing a sigh of relief knowing that their kids are receiving at least one healthy meal per day at school.
Porters began making the daily trek from the FFP kitchen to Ganesh Primary in December, delivering the kids’ nutritious lunches in large hygienic metal containers. The deliveries come in addition to the two schools that have been receiving similar porter services since 2015, Mahakali Secondary School and Liti-Mahakal Secondary School. FFP is now serving more than 1,600 children in Nepal every day.
Mirroring the positive trends at those other schools, attendance at Ganesh Primary immediately rose, attention spans increased, and health improved. The village’s 22 children are now all regularly attending school and staying in class throughout the day, according to Tikram Tamang, Chairperson of the School Management Committee.
“It has been a great help and is having many benefits,” he says. “Thank you to the Foundation!”
In 2016, the FFP program served 379,472 meals to children and the elderly in Nepal, India, and Ghana, marking a significant increase from 2015.